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Atelier Fantarium

A place for imagination.
A world of handicraft, unlimited fantasies and new creations.

Atelier Fantarium is a Berlin based collective, formed by scenographer Gwendolyn Noltes (NL) and illustrator Luisa Orduño Cazáres (MEX). In their collaboration they focus on the creation of spatial illustrations and sceneries/diorama’s.

All the illustrations and sceneries/diorama’s are/all their work is analogue and hand-made. By working this way, the team leaves space for imperfection, which arises playfulness and curiosity. The materials, colours and style are carefully selected for each individual illustration/scene.

Atelier Fantarium currently develops work for children’s books, toys, editorials, advertising and art projects. The collective welcomes collaborations with other media.


Roberta’s Forest

Hamlet, prins of Denmark

Prins Hamlet




                          Detail                Detail               Detail



Bert, the most unfortunate Fisherman in the World


Bert loves to fish, but he never catches one…..


Fish_SMall   Fish2_small   Wave2_Small

Bert3_small   Bert2_Small   Bert_Small


Bert the Fishermann, taking it a step further



Starfish_Small   Tim_small   Net_small

Betty_small    Bert2_small    Jellyfish2_small


Bert, never gives up. Goes even fishing at night



Making of the Sceneries

IMG_5601   IMG_5681

IMG_1488   IMG_1509   IMG_1494

 IMG_1503   IMG_1529   IMAG0773   IMG_5756

IMG_5779   IMG_5768   IMG_5862   IMG_8537

foto 1   foto 2   foto 3

IMG_5832   Lui_Small