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Design for the Royal Lobby in the “Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam” during the “Boekenbal 2011” (book ball), commissioned by CPNB.

Theme for the “Boekenbal 2011”: Stages of Life.

Starting point
Someone’s hairstyle says a lot about a person.
Their age, whether someone is healthy, to which subculture  someone wants to belong, how one wants to distinguish etc.
In the design for the “Boekenbal”, 8 key moments from the lives of two different woman, a conservative and an extroverted, are central.
These moments are translated to the appropriate hairstyle of that time.
From toddler to elderly.


Some hairstyle designs and details (unfortunately the colours appear more bright on this website than the originals)




Design in the Royal Lobby

Banner design by Marloes van Unen and Nina Westendorp.

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