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“Ogenblik” (an instant) is a theatrical video installation, made in collaboration with video designer Lisette Spiegeler in 2008.

People’s thoughts can never be observed completely.
Everyone has secrets, desires and fantasies that are almost never expressed or written down.
As an outsider we can only speculate.

How will the world look like from a different perspective?

“Ogenblik” is a theatrical video installation that takes the viewer on a trip and shows them the hidden world of others.


Merijn Bisschops
Actors coach:

Bjørn de Wildt

Isabel Enschedé
Katja Enschedé
Remko van de Kamp
Dimitri Muylaert
Gwendolyn Noltes
Derk Oudshoorn
Wim Ruis

Johan van Walsem


Neutral track


Pavels (Romanian musician) perspective


Max’ (very intelligent, neurotic guy) perspective


Katja’s(9 year old girl) perspective


“The Making Of” the different perceptions
Each perception is designed in it’s own way.

For Katja the ride with the metro is an enormous experience. All the time she’s looking through the window and fantasizes the most amazing scenes.
This perspective is made from a lot of scale-models and all moving elements are done by hand.


A Romanian set that shows an intimate family matter. Pavel is homesick; in his thoughts he sees his doughter making garlands with his granddoughters.

Designing the intense perception of Max, we created his own world in scale-models and edited it very intensely.





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