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Voor Yvonne

“Voor Yvonne” (for Yvonne); a theatre play based on the diary of my grandfather Hubertus “Huub” Winkelmolen.
Huub was part of the Dutch resistance during WWII. He was betrayed, cought by the police en sent to several concentration camps in the Netherlands and Germany. After the victory he was moved to a Dutch hospital, waighed bearely 37 kg, and while he recoverd he wrote down his story, adressed to his fincée and my grandmother Elizabeth “Yvonne” Vervoort.
This story was the foundation of the play “Voor Yvonne”, in which the audience experienced the suffering of my grandfather in an abstract way.

“Voor Yvonne” was made in collaboration with theatre director Bjørn de Wildt and performed in 2009 at theatre “de NWE Vorst” in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

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