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trilogy “Searching for Involvement”

Together with theatre director Bjørn de Wildt I’ve researched the possibilities how to involve the theatre audience in a performance.
By three different studies we created a manual how to treat your audience while making a performance like this.
The main goal in this reasearch was:

” Is it possible to implant a motive with the visitor, so that he/she ends up in a dilemma in which choices have te be made.”

When you act from your own motivation and the choices you make have a direct result, the visitor will be more involved with the theme, instead of sitting at a tribune watching a theatre play.

The three performances, “De Uitverkorenen” (the Chosen Ones), “De Queeste” (the Quest) and “Heilige Grond” (Holy Ground) played at theatre “de NWE Vorst” in Tilburg, the Netherlands in season 2010-2011.

Roel Janssen
Remko van de Kamp
Marije van ‘t Oever
Sandra van Rosmalen
Remco de Wildt
Sjoerd Wintzen

Video Design
Morgana Machado Marques

Sound Design
Robert van Heumen
Matthijs Bos

Thomas Reedijk
Johan van Walsem

Thijs Albers

The photos and the videos below give a good impression of our research. (the text/language is Dutch)
The results of our research and guidelines how to make performances like this, can be found all the way down.

Part one: “De Uitverkorenen”




part two: “De Queeste”


Part three: “Heilige Grond”.


Part one: “De Uitverkorenen


Part two: “De Queeste”


Part three: “Heilige Grond”



Results & Guidelines

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